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GDIPlusX v1.21

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Updated: Mar 16, 2013 by VfpImaging
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Release Notes

GDIPlusX Library version 1.21

For more information, see the GDIPlusX official page

Changes in this release:
  • New function in xfcBitmap, "FloodFill", that and allows us to make fills instantaneously in images.
  • Included the Samples project as a separate download, with new samples available for the new features and fixes

Bug fixes
- double declare method xfcSize::ToRectangle in system.drawing.prg
- double declare method xfcSizeF::ToRectangleF in system.drawing.prg
- xfcSizeF::ToRectangleF u trídy xfcSizeF in system.drawing.prg use unknown variable (fill variable m.liWidth, but pass to Init() m.lnWidth)
- xfcGraphicsPath::GraphicsPath, detect base name Point but create object by class xfcPointF
  • GDIPlusX: Several patches from Christian Ehlscheidt
Patch #5648 - Fix for System.Drawing.Graphics.MeasureCharacterRanges and some other related functions ...
Patch #5671 - missing code for previous patch for System.Drawing.Graphics.MeasureCharacterRanges ...
Patch #5713 - bugfixes for the following functions:
xfcGraphics.SetClip, xfcGraphics.TransformACCESS, xfcRectangleF.BottomACCESS,
xfcRectangleF.Right_ACCESS, xfcRegion.GetRegionScans

Related Work items
Special thanks for the help in this release
  • Christian Ehlscheidt
  • Doug Hennig
  • Rick Schummer
  • Martina Jindrova
  • MReigler
  • Daveaswj