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FoxCharts 1.19 released

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Jul 8, 2009 at 6:27 AM
Edited Jul 8, 2009 at 6:29 AM

A brand new version of FoxCharts has just been released.

I`d like to ask for all the users to get this new version and test it with special care, because I'm planning to pass it to PRODUCTION status. In the last month some important updates have been applied, and below are the main modifications since version 1.18

I hope to receive your feedback !

Thanks in advance



Info for version 1.19 RC

  • Structure modifications

Removed class FoxCharts_Base - there was no more need to use a separate class to be able to
use more _Memberdada, since new PEM Editor 4 optimized FoxCHarts Memberdata to use less than half the
original size


  • Fixes

Fix in "MouseLeave()" event was firing wrongly when ChangeColorOnMouse was .T.

Fix in Fields(n).ShowValuesOnShape was not working as expected when property "OldStylePoperties" was .T.

Fix in API call declaration, to use the GdiPlusX original ALIAS for the GDI+ functions: GdipSetPathGradientSurroundColorsWithCount and xfcGdipSetPathGradientSurroundColorsWithCount

Tweak to avoid Windows7 bug that does not work with PictureVal in VFP9 prior to SP2. In that case, the rendering will be forced to the disk (using RenderMode=0)


  • Property descriptions and PEM Editor 4

Added new DOPEs in properties

All the property descriptions have been revised, and from now on, the usage of PEM Editor 4 is strongly and enthusiastically recommended in order to provide the best user experience for FoxCharts, allowing the developer to better visualize what each property does, as well as the possible values accepted for each property.


  • Getting chart properties enhancements

Jim Nelson tweaked some methods as well, in order to provide new possibilities for saving properties,
and a fix for Scales calculation.

GetChartProperties now takes another parameter to indicate whether property descriptions should be included.  (This only works from within the IDE, not in APP or EXE).  In my pageframe, I've added a checkbox for this on the 'Properties' tab.

SaveChartProperties now takes a parameter that allows you to skip saving altogether if already saved.


  • Scale calculation tweaks

For calculating scale values, the method _CalculateScale was fixed. It corrects two problems encountered
The problems had to do with some instances where the scales were set odd, and also problems when setting the minimum value to something other than zero.


  • Tooltips

Tooltips will obbey their parent configuration, allowing to have different tooltips formatting when having more than one FoxCHarts object available in the current form.

Tooltips will be shown even if the form does not have the focus


  • Samples

Tweaks in "ChartsSample_Builder"
- Send2MSWord - fix to check if the clipboard is empty before drawing the chart image in the .DOC (by Koen Piller)
- Tweaked Data grid behavior; grid will adjust its size according to the current chart specifications.
- Fixed background gradient behavior; now the original secondary color for background is being saved, and will be restored to original chanfing the Gradient Level spinner