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FoxCharts 1.17c -- Resizing problem

Jun 1, 2009 at 3:41 PM

Cesar --

I'm having a problem with charts that do not come up with the correct size originally.

There are a number of inter-related things going on here that I am sure contribute to the problem.  Here are the basic steps:

(1)  The form opens and resizes itself to its previously saved size.

(2)  There are charts on a number of different pages in the form.  Each chart is actually created in the ActivagePage of the its page.  Thus, when the form is first opened, none of the charts have been opened yet.

(3)  All of the charts use the anchor property 15, and I have verified that before their creation with DrawChart, they are the correct size.

(4)  When a page is opened which has a chart on it, the chart is drawn to what looks like the original size of the chart -- that is, the size before the form resized itself to its previously saved size.

(5)  If the form is manually resized after the chart has been (incorrectly) drawn, it gets redrawn to the new size correctly.

(6)  If the form is manually resized before the chart has been drawn the first time, the chart will come up the correct size.