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PEM Editor 3.0 (from UT Message# 1374799)

Topics: Enhancement Request, General
Jan 19, 2009 at 3:23 PM
From message# 1374799 on Universal Thread by user Lim Teck Soon (posted here by Matt Slay):


What a great tool!

I have the below suggestions for it:

1. The "type" column in the grid is a duplication of the first column in the grid (which shows the icons). So it should be make optional (at least). I suggest, beside the first 3 columns in the grid the rest should be made optional.

2. For the grid display customization, wgy not allow user to set Forecolor, Backcolor and Font attribute (Bold, Italic or none) at the sametime for the same item. Currently these are make mutually exclusive, that is instead of customize the display in all the mentioned 3 areas, one can only customize one of them. Also, I strongly wish the "Name" and "Value" columns can be customized seperately.

3. Unlike the VFP's Property window, opening several methods from PEM Editor then start closing them, the closing is not LIFO!

If we open (double-click in PEM editor) several methods of a class in the order shown like the below:
- 1.Class designer
- 2.Method abc1
- 3.Method abc2
- 4.Method abc3 (Active)

Then try to close (CtrlF4) those method windows one after the other, starting with the last opened method which is Active, the next window get activated is NOT "3.Method abc2" instead the "1.Class designer" get activated. This cause closing method windows very troublesome... I think this behavior has serious impact on the efficiency in using PEM editor.
I almost always accidently close a the class desiner when what I want is just to close those methods that I have just opened from PEM editor... sigh!