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Property Editor - Install notes needed.

Nov 12, 2008 at 9:51 PM

Posting here from an e-mail converstion I had with a user...

Russell Campbell []
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 2:53 PM
To: 'Matt Slay'
Subject: RE: Property and Method Editor ver 2.0 released on VFPx...

Russell said:
  Nice, but I didn't see word one about how to install. 

Matt Said: 

Run INSTALL.PRG that is in the ZIP file.


That will do it.


You will get the new tools whenever you use the regular VFP menus and such from then on.

Russell said:

It would be good to put that on the page somewhere.  

Ok, that did it, but there still needs to be more info about what's recommended for the install.  For instance, I unzipped the file to a folder on my network where I have the Installation programs for many apps and tools that I use.  I wanted it there so that if I have to reinstall VFP, I can the reinstall this tool from that location without going to get it again.  So what I'm left wondering is does the install program simply register the files and point VFP to where they presently reside (on the network drive) or does it copy them to the HOME() folder or what?  I'm not wanting to run them off the network, since when I'm at a client's site that won't be possible.  Based on what the install program did, I'm betting it just pointed VFP at the files on my network, so I'm going to have to copy the folder over to my local drive and run it again, which I hope will reregister them and point VFP at the files in their new location.

Matt said:

It only records where the files are stored at the time they were installed.


If you move the files, you can safely re-run the install.prg from the new location, and it will fix it right up.

Russell said:

Yeah, I had already gone ahead with that and it seemed to work.  When I ran the install program, I guess I was thinking it would be like most install programs and ask you about where to install.  This seems fine now, but it's one of my pet peeves.  It only takes a second to write this up and get it out there about how to install.  It seems easy to you and Doug and whoever, and it's not hard, but how does someone really know what's required?  Perhaps they get it installed, but they missed something.  Even a developer can't read the mind of another developer.  You just want to know that - with a total lack of instructions - you didn't miss something that will come back to bite you later.  I've installed other tools where the same issue existed and later found out . . . oh, I was supposed to do so-and-so, also.  Why that developer thought people would know about so-and-so was beyond me.  So although this was not too bad, it's just nice to have some instructions to speed things along and ensure nothing was overlooked.


So now you probably think "what an a--hole this guy is", but, like I said, it just seems that install instructions are a good thing . . . 

Matt said:

We want honest feedback on this stuff, so your feed is great. No offense taken at all.  I agree with you on all points.  I’ll be sure to write up some instructions.


Nov 13, 2008 at 12:31 AM
Russell --

Thank you ever so much for your comments.  They are appreciated and I understand what prompted them.  I would respond the same way.

I have been the primary implementor of the changes you see in release 2.0, and have received numerous comments and suggestions from a few people (Matt and others) before its public release this week.

There were discussions about how soon to release this to everybody in VFPx -- as you can see, there have been quite a few modifications (mostly cosmetic) and the feeling was to release what was done to the wider community rather than continuing work based on comments from such a small group.

So, it was released this week in its current state -- which included  the little PRG I wrote for myself to install the apps.  Yup, no comments, no explanations, no options for where it is installed.

The thought was, I guess, to stop polishing it and make it available immediately.  With all its flaws.