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To VFPX Admins - Do not create one big VFPx installer.

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Oct 30, 2008 at 3:01 AM
Hey admins (Craig, Doug, Rick)...

I was just listening to the audio records that Andrew did of the VFPx discussion night at SWFox2008.. I missed the first half of the meeting (wend to "Show us your app"), so I came in late. After hearing the recording, I have a comment.

There was talk about one BIG all-in-one installer for the VFPx tools... I vote NO for this.

Reason 1.   I like the granular structure of it like it is. There are some VFPx which I no not use (don't shoot me), and I simply don't like getting more stuff than what I want or need (speaking about all software in general)

Reason 2.  Unless you got a community helper on this, it will take a lot of time that could be better spent on other things.  If it meant one of you having to do it, I think your time is better spent on other things for the VFPx project(s).  For instance, Craig needs to be on VFP Studio! Doug - Property Editor updates from JimNelson and his own changes, etc.   Right now it at least it works... Users can come, get what you want, and use it. 

More important things on VFPx than a mega-installer: 

1. Site navigation needs a little work to help new-comers understand the non-standard way VFPx uses the Release units to handle what are actually totally different projects.  There is a lot of confusion as each "project" is really held in what CodePlex calls a Release. And each "project" has two pages that are both important... The General Info page and the Download Release page.  (Craig has already responded to this, but I just wanted to re-state it).

2. Site needs more dynamic content.  Hard to do, but maybe commit to adding one new "What's new" or "How to" every week or two.   Put a rotation calendar in place between each project manager and willing community folks who commit to sending in content that they create exclusively for viewing on VFPx.  Something firm and planned out.   Nov 15, John Doe deadline, Nov 29 Billy Bob deadline, etc.  Plan it out 3 months.


Let's organize a GoToMeeting type of virtual VPFx meeting in late January 2009.  Basically we just need an all-audio kind of meeting so we could all be on some audio channel together, and basically re-hash all the things that camr up at the SWFox VFPx meeting, and see if anything is getting done, and what to do next.  There is no reason to wait till the next SWFox to do this kind of meeting.

Craig, Rick, and Doug, if you three will commit to this meeting (all at same time), then let's pick a date and time, I will organize the virtual meeting method and figure out how to make it work. We will want one practice run just to make sure we can all connect and hear each other.  I will then spread word in the various VFP communities about what would surely be a hit meeting.

Nov 2, 2008 at 10:18 AM
Great feedback and plenty to consider. Thanks for taking the time Matt.
Nov 10, 2008 at 4:22 PM

Good idea about the meeting. We can easily hold a LiveMeeting to go through a lot of these items. (MVPs have a free LiveMeeting account with dial-in ability) so that can work.

While I agree with the point of the amount of time required to build an installer, the idea of the Mega installer is two-fold: 

a) making it easier for non-VFPx developers to get a hold of everything
b) only doing it once every 3-6 months. If VFPX is the future of VFP Development, then I don't see how having a single installer could hurt.

I've been using InnoSetup and the time it would take to build such a setup would be relatively trivial.

I love your #2 idea. Sounds good - now it just needs to be implemented. Or maybe something to send off to saraford - a Release Calendar concept. Great idea