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Problem while open exe

Topics: Bug Information
Mar 30, 2012 at 3:57 AM

I have problem  error when open exe  message : User-interface operation note allowed at this time but run with prg  it's OK


Local lnTimer, lnUnitsSet Path To "..;examples" Additive 

Local Parallel as Parallel of ParallelFox.vcxParallel = NewObject("Parallel", "ParallelFox.vcx")

Parallel.StartWorkers(FullPath("_test.exe"),,.t.) && name my app

? "Running Step 1..."Parallel.Do("Step1")

? "Running Step 2..."Parallel.Do("Step2")

? "Running Step 3..."Parallel.Do("Step3")



? "Total Time", Seconds() - lnTimerWAIT WINDOW 

Thank you very much for answer

Mar 30, 2012 at 4:41 PM

This means that your worker code is attempting to display a user interface (form, message box, wait window, etc.).  You have two choices:

1. Remove the UI from your worker code.  This is recommended.

2. Disable Unattended Mode by putting SYS(2335, 1) early in your code.  Note that workers can appear unresponsive if a modal UI appears waiting for a response.