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Jul 23, 2008 at 10:51 PM
These items refer to Beta release 0.40 -- I haven't been able to unzip RAR file for 0.45

(1)  There's a bug which limits number of lines that can be drawn to 9.  Line of code looks something like   Transform (XX, '9')   Admittedly, charts with ten or more lines are ugly --

(2)  I would suggest a number of improvements for setting the vertical scale.  There is no reason to disallow negative values, nor to assume that you want zero to appear as the bottom (or top) of the chart

Right now, you have MaxValue and Scale.  I suggest you provide:
        MinValue     --- may be positive or negative.   Default value .F.  
        MaxValue    --- may be positive or negative.   Default value .F.  
        Scale           --- Increment between labels for the vertical axis.  Must be positive.  Default 0 or .F.
        ShowZero   --- Indicates whether zero must appear on the vertical access.  Default .T.  (Not used if MinValue supplied and positive or MaxValue supplied and negative)
        HorizontalBars    --- Not a good name, but indicates the number of horizontal bars to be displayed  between each label on the vertical axis.  Default 1.  I have found my graphs look more pleasing with a value of 2.  (On a chart from 0 to 100, I prefer labels 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 but bars every 10.)

I'll be able to provide you with a good example of creating "nice" labels using these values -- but, as I am soon to depart on vacation, not for a few weeks.

(3)  Your sample form, with the capability to alter just about all of the various properties of a chart, is simply wonderful!  So wonderful, in fact, it must be enhanced even further so that it can be taken advantage of ...

What I have done is to take the part of the samples that actually manipulates the properties of the chart and put that into a separate form that the user can open, if interested.  Then, the user can dress up the chart anyway they want.  In the end, this actually means a lot less work for me, since I don't have to try to guess what each user finds most appealing.  (I can say this because I already have users doing this.)

What I suggest should be done is to create a class which simply manipulates the properties of the chart.  Care should be taken to make this class as complete as possible, with the container as small as possible.  Tooltips for all objects as well.  This class could then be easily added to any form to allow end users control over their charts.  The sample chart, of course, would simply use this same class.

I'd be very happy to help with creating this class.  However, as noted, I won't have any time for the next few weeks.

Hope this helps,



Jul 23, 2008 at 11:20 PM
Edited Jul 24, 2008 at 3:37 AM
Thanks again Jim !
Your inputs are always very valuable.

1 - Ok, I'll allow you to have till 99 lines - will that be enough for you ? ROFL :-)

2 - About negatives. I've already done that, this will be available in the next version, that hopefully will be released next week.

3 - I'd love to receive your help regarding this.

I want to add to that sample form the possibility to send to the clipboard a script containing the contents of all the properties changed there. This will ease for people when they want to reproduce a chart that they built with the sample.

Another thing is a builder for FoxCharts. That form could be the basis for it, since it permits to change almost every property available.

What do you think of this ?
Jul 23, 2008 at 11:51 PM
(1)  Gosh darn, I hope 99's enough.

(2)  Will look forward to your next release when I return.  I was trying to make a few points actually -- negatives allowed, being able to supply both min and max (which means the range might not include zero), and separating the vertical axis labelling from the number of horizontal bars.

(3)  I'll be very glad to help with building a class for managing the properties.  Script for changing saved properties is a great idea.  As for a builder -- haven't ever done one, but I'm sure it would be a great idea.  Would be glad to help as time permits.