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Help-File vs. Help-Collection

Topics: Enhancement Request
May 15, 2011 at 11:55 PM

Recently, I wondered what has to be entered in Visual FoxPro's "Change Help Location"-dialog in the "Help collection URL reference:"-textbox! Follow this link to see what I mean!

Is it possible to create expandable collections for direct use in VFP? At least, we were asked for an URL in the dialog! Wouldn't it be a really cool "nice to have feature" if everyone could add the own "book" to such a collection (or at least if there were some central hosted online-help that could be extended)? Thus, everybody could add his help file to become a part of the whole, instead of tricking VFP to accept the own one in addition, like done in the VFP2C32 project (look at their "workaround" in help subdirectory  \help\ vfp2c32_help.prg). I mean, IMHO, it is not very handy to have 30 CHM files after having installed 30 VFPX add-ons (sometime in the future:-)

Who can shed some light on this topic ? Hm, Francis? ;-)