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GoFish added to VFPX

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May 14, 2011 at 2:56 PM
Edited May 14, 2011 at 3:10 PM

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the "GoFish" project is officially a new project on VFPX and Matt Slay is the project manager.

You may remember popular GoFish search and replace tool back in the day. GoFish4 is an update to the GoFish by Peter Diotte. Matt contacted Peter and received his permission to release an updated version of his app on VFPx.Matt has been a big fan of GoFish over the years, but found a few things it needed and decided to take charge and make the tool better. He also recognized other developers might be interested in his changes.

The initial beta will be a "search only" release. Matt has the string replacement logic already refined, but wants help from the Fox Community to review the code so it is certified as solid. He is attempting to avoid the reputation that Code References has with respect to not always working. The original GoFish replacement functionality has worked for years, but Matt is making some changes and wants to make sure the working code is only improved. Once the code is reviewed he will release that functionality as well.

What are the main goals of this project?

1) Speed improvements

2) Safe string replacement in your source code

3) Post search filtering on the result set

4) Programmatic accessible search class

Matt has been hard at work updating and improving on Peter's original work and is quickly approaching the beta release. If you are interested in helping out with GoFish, please contact Matt through the People page on this Web site.

Thanks Matt!