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SubFox: Delete from repository but not local

Topics: General
Mar 1, 2011 at 5:23 PM

In a recent release the notes read:

SubFox Release 1.2.120

Bug Fix - The Upload function was not properly preserving un-versioned files that are transitioning from versioned to un-versioned.

Technically it is not possible to simply notify a Subversion repository that a file is no longer under version control. Instead, SubFox must create a backup of each such file, then tell Subversion to delete it, then afterward restore it from the backup. If an error occurs, the restore still gets done before the error message is displayed.

However normally in subversion there is a --keep-local option for svn delete that will do exactly this. Not sure whether this is just command line fluff or if this functionality is exposed at the API level but thought I would mention it anyway.