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Topics: Bug Information
Dec 15, 2010 at 1:59 AM

Running on Windows 7 64.  Create a grid and one "Quit" button.  Use MouseEnter and MouseLeave event on Grid Headers to show information regarding that column with the BalloonTip.  However, while using CTL32_BalloonTip classes in my application, left click is not working!  Not even on "Quit" button.  So I programmed some flag.  On Quit button, I programmed MouseEnter with a MessageBox("Mouse enter"), I programmed Mouse down with a MessageBox("Mouse down"), I programmed Mouse up with a MessageBox("Mouse Up"), I programmed Click with a Clear Events / Release Thisform.  While running application, on Mouve over, I got a message box saying "Mouse enter", on Left click there is nothing, on Right click I got a message box saying "Mouse down".  After the Right click, focus is now on that button (Quit).  If I press Enter key, I got a message box saying "Mouse click" and application quit.

Since this is happening on a brand new PC, I think that solution is somewhere on a side, no clue what however...