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Fox Charts Multiple Bar Charts

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Apr 7, 2010 at 7:34 PM

Where can I get detailed instructions on how to create multiple bar charts?  The word file documention that I downloaded seems pretty general.  I am not sure how to set up multiple bars over one x coordinate point etc.    Some examples would be good too.


Please help

Apr 7, 2010 at 10:03 PM


I dont know which Word document you are referring, but I do know that in this Downloadsection there are several files in the FoxCharts, 1) FoxCharts 1.20 which comes with extensive samples

2) FoxCharts Help also 3) a video and 4) a word document ('documentation tutorial')

I would advise you first to study the samples which come with FoxCharts 1.20 maybe together with the FoxCharts Help