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New GDIPlusX Library Posted

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Aug 15, 2007 at 8:09 PM
A new version of the GDIPlusX library has been posted and the status has been changed to "Beta". This is a significant change since the last release as all the code has been converted from VCX based class libraries to PRG based class libraries.

This change has many benefits including faster instantiation time and a smaller distribution size. Not only are the compiled FXPs smaller than the compiled VCX, but you also have the ability to make the compiled library even smaller by using compile time directives. You can use #DEFINE commands to hide any classes you don't need. You can also use a #DEFINE command to turn off the _MEMBERDATA properties which are only used for design time intellisense, this will reduce the compiled version by another 20%. (See System.h and System.Drawing.h)

It is also easier than ever to incorporate the library into your applications. The instatiation of the library is now a simple DO SYSTEM.PRG. There is no need to include the library in your appliction path as it is all self contained.

Changes were also made so that the library will be more reliable in more environments with minimal footprint. All classes are instatiated and referenced within a handful of PRGs so by using the _SCREEN.System property, you never need to be concerned with SETting a PATH or SETting a PROCEDURE for it to work. Also all DECLARE - DLL are wrapped in function calls and aliased, so of the 600+ function in the GDIPlus library, only the functions that actually get called are loaded into memory. And becaused they are aliased, there is no risk of overwritting another DECLARE - DLL with a different parameter signature.

The documentation is currently being updated, it is currently at over 100 printed pages and will probably grow to over 300 pages before we are done. There are many samples included with the library (many thanks to Cesar Chalom and Craig Boyd) to help guide you through the functionality and features of the library until the first wave of the documentation can be posted. Also, check out the GDIPlusX home page for more samples and links to blog post on using the library. If you have any questions or problems, please post a message on these forums or create a issue in the issue tracker. You can also send an email to

Bo Durban
Aug 18, 2007 at 12:28 PM
Hi Bo,

Awesome to see that the latest GDIPlusX library has been posted. Anyone who has not downloaded this or seen what it is capable of is definately encouraged to download the project and run through the samples. Amazing stuff if I do say so myself.