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this project is dead ?

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Jun 14, 2007 at 8:12 PM
this project is dead ?
or basic participants on leave ?
Jun 14, 2007 at 9:54 PM
I hope not !!!

I can't speak for everyone else, but as for myself, I have been extremely busy. And from what I hear, many developers are busier than ever. Its hard to give up spare time when you can be doing billable work over a volunteer gig, as much as you may enjoy the project.

I think it would help if some of the users of the projects were to post some feedback to the develops or volunteer to assist with the project. If no one submits a bug or enhancement request...what should we do?....It must be perfect, right?

There are some fantastic tools on this site, at no charge, source code included. There will be even more in the near future. I encourage everyone who visits VFPX to provide some type of feedback to help keep the initiative moving forward. (If you are reading this, this includes you!)

Bo Durban
GDIPlusX Project Manager
Jun 18, 2007 at 12:00 PM

I can officially confirm that this project is not dead (merely a flesh-wound I assure you). You were close to the mark when you said "basic participants on leave"... I was out for a few months due to an extremely heavy workload and a new arrival in my family. The other two administrators, Rick and Doug, have also been very busy with work and their efforts towards Southwest Fox 2007 (along with Tamar Granor) which they just took over this year from Bob Kocher. Granted, some projects here have not progressed quite as much as we had hoped, but others have flourished (such as GDIPlusX which stands at over 50,000 lines of code and is about to enter Beta).

The features provided here on CodePlex are a little more daunting for developers to setup and use. Our previous location (as SednaX) out on the GotDotNet Code Gallery was much simpler and the increased complexity along with a move and name change contributed to a drop-off of participation that VFPX has yet to recover from. In order to manage the number of projects and developers here on VFPX we needed what CodePlex provides (e.g. Source Code Control). Also, we felt that the name change was necessary to more closely brand the project with Visual FoxPro (plus it gave the project a name that the community voted on rather than something that Ken Levy and I hashed out over a couple of phone calls).

In addition to being a VFPX administrator, I'm also a developer (being a developer is more fun)... Bo and I are working on a Remote API (RAPI) library for Visual FoxPro that we'll be submitting in the near future for possible inclusion. There are also a number of FLLs that I created that I need to submit so that the source code is available for review and improvement, so hopefully in the near future VFPX will be in charge of maintaining, improving and distributing them.

I would join Bo in encouraging Visual FoxPro developers and enthusiasts to get involved here. Whether you have a project to submit, wish to work on an existing project, or want to provide feedback on a project, your involvement and commitment to improving and extending Visual FoxPro would be greatly appreciated. There's lots to do on the projects that already exist here and there's a million other things we could be doing:
Extending and improving the XSource and FFC bits
Creating COM visible classes in .NET for consumption by VFP applications
Creating FLLs to extend the VFP language base
Providing additional Visual FoxPro class wrappers for new technologies

In any event, I appreciate your very, to-the-point question mvictor and I hope between Bo and myself we've been able to answer it for you and others that might read this thread.